About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Sydney Ferbrache and somehow you ended up on my travel site 🙂 Happy to have you here. I target this site specifically for folks just like yourself that love to travel! But more than that, I dive deep into the world of traveling on the road. As much as we all love to fly across the world, traveling on the road is a bit more manageable and financially accessible.

I haven’t always traveled much and was actually raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. It wasn’t until college that I chose to move to Chicago to be on my own and see how I liked it! Obviously, the big city was a lot to take in but I fell in love. Fast forward 3-4 years, I was getting my degree in Fashion Business from Columbia College and became certified to teach Yoga. 

Although school and Yoga took up a good amount of time, I still worked full- time at a fine dining restaurant in the center of Downtown Chicago. As you can imagine, this added a lot of stress and pressure into my life which I wasn’t acquainted with beforehand. My weeks turned into 60 hour work weeks while doing homework on the clock and stretching whenever I could get to the restroom for a minute.

Although I achieved and overcame some major milestones by working really hard, this was not a happy life for me. In order to make money, I was pushing my real passions to the side and having to make more time for things I didn’t care about. Any time I got the chance, I would take a few days off and fly anywhere that was cheap and last minute available.

After realizing this was not the life for me, I began brainstorming ways for me to follow my dreams and travel for real. No more quick stops in cool places without having time to really explore and enjoy. I came across the term “van life” on Instagram after my boyfriend, Edgar sent me a photo. This peaked my interest and rapidly became an obsession. The different conversions and builds were so beautiful and I never knew traveling could be so obtainable!

So we sold everything we had, bought a van, had a couple friends help us build it out, and took off to see some of the world! It was the greatest decision we have made to date, and I love the life that I chose for myself. We are still building and brainstorming ways to keep us on the road permanently, but have managed perfectly fine thus far. 

After experiencing all of the common concerns of living on the road for myself, I wanted to create a platform that would help others experience less of them! So that is what this website is all about. Getting you the life that you want that’s full of travel and maintaining ways to keep you on the road! 

If you have questions that you cannot find on the site, please let me know. I am happy to answer and appreciate queries as they tell me what you want to see on the blog!


Love and light to you all,