Top 5 Best Road Trip Apps

 We all have that first week where we don't care about money, buy individual water bottles, and get gas wherever we dang well please. But as soon as you realize the money and time that you're wasting, you will quickly start researching ways to save and maintain the most efficient means of traveling. I, personally, use every app that I'm going to discuss and am in no way affiliated with them or being made to say any of this.


This app finds where you are on the interstate and tells you all of the upcoming exits along with what exactly is at each exit. We use this one whenever we want to pull over for lunch or to stop for pretty much anything. It just gets frustrating pulling off the highway to find that there is only one food choice and the only gas station doesn't have diesel. So this guy comes in handy to know how far each exit is and what to expect when we get there. 

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Gas Buddy

Even if you aren't planning a road trip, I don't know what you are doing if you don't have this app. I cannot tell you how many times we save .50 cents per gallon by looking at this! The gas stations with the huge lit up signs along the interstate are always more expensive than the ones 1 or 2 miles off the road. It takes 2 extra minutes to get there and you walk away saving $5-$10 bucks per fill up. This app lets you know all the gas stations near you, how to get there, and what the price is for each grade of gas. I recommend this to anyone, road trip or not.

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This is one that could be in the running for my favorite road trip app. AllTrails just tells you every trail that you are near at all times. This includes national parks, monuments, small trails, local park trails, everything. It helps with directions, provides maps of the trail, and gives details and info that are needed before and during the hike. We love hiking and this app is a god send when you are in a cool area but aren't sure where the best hiking is at.

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If you're a fellow van lifer, I don't know how you survive without this one. We use this app almost everyday to find where we will sleep that night. I will admit that I don't use this if we want to stay at a campsite. But I always do if we are just driving through and want to sleep at a business such as Walmart. You can click in the top right corner of the app to choose your filters. Mine are "Cabelas, Walmart Ask To Park, Cracker Barrel, Overnight Parking". It then displays all of those particular business anywhere in the country so you can plan where to sleep. They even have directions, reviews, and phone numbers in case you need to call ahead. 

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If I'm being totally honest, I don't use this one all the time. But it does come in handy when I'm out of ideas and just want something to do for the day or upcoming days. Basically, you put in where you are starting from and where you will end up. The app will ask what types of things you like to do and then tells you everything in between your Point A and Point B that you may be interested in doing. So definitely give it a try if you are like me and sometimes get tired of all the researching for the best places!

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Final Notes

I hope you enjoy these apps as much as we do! If you have any of your own that you recommend, please leave them in the comments below so we can try them as well. Although living on the road can have it's inconveniences at times, someone has usually beat you to it and thought of a prevention method. So research what is out there and figure out the best ways for you to explore and save money!