How To Make Money: Selling Your Skills


The internet and social media have made it overwhelmingly possible for individual creators to sell their skills on their own versus having to work for a company or huge established brands. Their have been numerous sites designed specifically to link experts in a certain area with clients looking for those skills/products. I have put together some of the sites that I know to be very popular, trustworthy, and can allow a legitimate income. Obviously that being said, you do need some sort of actual skill or area of expertise (it can be as simple as selling thrifted clothing) in order to find success with this. 



Fiverr is really popular in the video and editing world but a lot of people don't know all the different services you can sell on this site. There are women who have services titled "Modeling Your Product" where they simply put small clothing companies outfits on (which I'm sure they receive for free) and wear them in a couple photos. The only thing needed here would be a nice camera and maybe some very basic editing software. Speaking of which, you can even offer photo editing! If you have Lightroom and know how to use it, offer your editing skills for a price! 

Take a look around Fiverr and see what ideas other people have come up with. Can you do something similar and provide people with a quality service? If so, take the 5 minutes that you'll spend and sign up to sell! The worst that can happen is that you only get a few customers here and there to help pay for random stuff. But a lot of people make thousands doing this full- time!

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How Much You Make

Fiverr takes 20% of everything you earn. It does allow you to set up 3 different packages with your posting though. So for example, you can sell one photo for $10, two photos for $15, and three for $25. Also, sellers are paid two weeks after each project completion date. You can have as many gigs up as you want to maximize the skills you sell too!

AirBnb Experience

This is very different than the previous company because the experiences are typically done in person. Therefore, you can really only take advantage of this if you plan to stay in the same place for a few weeks at least. It allows you to post an experience that you can provide tourists of a certain city or even the locals. It has to be something worth paying for such as a private yoga class on the beach or showing them around the city's best spots and taking pictures of them all day while walking around (yes, you can literally get paid for that). There are hundreds of ideas you can get just by browsing around the website and checking it out. 

I will warn that it takes about 2-3 weeks to get approved so always apply for the city you will be in at that time. Once you get approved, you can set your own schedule and availability.

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How Much You Make

Similar to Fiverr, you get to set your own prices. So you can charge whatever per person fee you would like for the service that you'll provide. You'll need to work in the 20% fee that AirBnB takes as well. Most experiences last about an hour and are usually under $100. Few people do this full time but it can definitely earn you $1000 /month for a creative idea.


Don't ignore it right away! Craigslist isn't just used for selling old stuff or apartment hunting. You can list services as well or find jobs. Every time we get to a new city, we check Craigslist to see if their is anything we can do. Listing your own service does cost money but viewing job listings is completely free. There are a lot of people that don't know about the other more specific sites so all they know to use is Craigslist. We have found people wanting a simple Instagram profile but not knowing how to set one up. And they'll pay you for it! So do your research, take some time to look, and your bound to find stuff. This is not for a full income but can get you food and gas for the month for sure. 

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How Much You Make

Listing your services on Craigslist is about $35. So I recommend looking for job postings before posting your own ad. Try random key words pertaining to your skills and qualifications. It takes a simple email to send your resumé and hopefully hear back. You can make at least $100-$200 /week by staying on top of ads posted and being one of the first to respond. 

We have all developed skills over time or studied specific subjects. You don't have to be a certified expert to make money off of your skills. Try these easy ways of making money on the road to better your skills and get paid for them! Please let me know if you have questions or would like more info on these sites. Don't be intimidated to step out of your comfort zone and try a new way of earning money!

As always, thank you for reading!



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