7 Gallon Water Tank

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$19.99 | & free shipping

Key features

- Molded contour grip

- Screw on vent

- Includes spout for easy use

- Rectangular design saves space in cabinet

My Recommendation

This is the tank that we use for fresh water. Pro tip: buy a larger grey (waste) tank so that when you run out of fresh water, your grey tank isn't overflowing. But this 7 gallon fresh tank works perfect for us. It just sits inside our kitchen cabinet. The material is very thick and durable so we even have a basket of stuff sitting on top and it doesn't leave a dent. We try really hard to not use too much water even when washing dishes. So a full 7 gallons will usually last us about a week. If you use a little bit more water than average, it will at least last 4 days or so. Another pro tip, holding a flash light right up against the tank allows you to see exactly how full it is without having to mess with opening it. 


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