Cape Town was the first city that I traveled alone to and it quickly became my favorite place in the world. There is something about this city that has every element of a dream vacation spot. You have the beautiful ocean, mountains everywhere, and warm weather all year around. It has a nice mix of cute, boutique- style cafes and very nice restaurants with quite the wine selection. One of the best parts about traveling to Cape Town is the very low prices on just about everything. But we'll get to all of that...


Expect to Pay in a Day


Overnight Accommodations:

If you're going the more luxury route, a nice hotel such as the Taj Cape Town will run about $200 -$250 /a night. Although well- worth it, not everyone can afford the high price for their entire stay. AirBnB should be your first go-to when trying to spend less on a trip while still having a beautiful place and potentially all to yourself. You can find an "entire place" listing for as low as $40 /a night in some of the best parts of the city. Not all of these have an outstanding view but they are spacious and offer your own bedroom, kitchen, laundry, etc. For anyone traveling on a longer trip, this is highly recommended as you can do your own laundry often with detergent provided by the host. You can also find AirBnBs at a slightly higher price around $100 /a night on a Penthouse level with 360 views of the city. Not a bad deal, right? For those of us on a tight budget, we still have the option for hostels and let me tell you, Cape Town has got some good ones. You can find a 4 star hostel within a couple of miles from Lion's Head for $20 /a night. Some of the nicer hostels with more amenities go up to about $25 / a night. 


Cape Town food is very cheap. You can find upscale restaurants with a multiple course meal, get bottle of wine, and walk out having paid no more than $30. A standard breakfast at a café with a full meal, fancy latte, and tip will probably run about $6-$10. Compared to the States, that is a pretty sweet deal. As always, buying your own groceries and making food will be the cheapest option. Grocery stores with standard food can be found all over the city with equally as reasonable prices. 


 If possible, do not use a cab especially if you have luggage or look like a traveler. The drivers WILL tell you their meter is broken and charge you way too much money for a short ride. Uber is very popular in Cape Town and can be used at any time from anywhere in the city. This is actually the recommended method of travel if you want a private car. Bus transportation can be done via a few different bus lines. They are all similar in prices being between $1-$3 /per ride. This is the second cheapest means of traveling around Cape Town. The first being.. to walk! It is sunny almost all year long, and so much to see. If you can walk the distance you are going, this is the most fun option and free.

Expected Overnight Price:

Expect to pay about $25 a /night. You will most likely be able to find some for a little lower but $25 is a good estimate when saving for the trip. 

Recommended Hostel:

The BackPack Cape Town is in a wonderful location and can be found for $25 /a night. They offer free wifi and breakfast which is why I recommend this over cheaper hostels. You will save money in other areas.

Weekly Food Cost: 

Solely grocery shopping and cooking yourself, expect it to be $40-$50 /a week for food. If you want to go out to a café twice a week, that'll go up to about $60-$70 /a week.

Expected Transportation Cost:

On a tight budget, you can get away with paying $5-$10 / a week. If using Uber a couple times as well, it'll be closer to $25 /a week.

Travel Safety Tips:

Here's why you avoid taking a cab in Cape Town.. Read Full Article.


Recommended Activities & Places to Visit

Zip Lining

SA Forest Adventures is located in Constantia which is about 15-25 minute drive but depends on where you are staying. You'll go on about 8 lines and some are quite long while others are shorter. You will be surrounded by trees, mountains, and stunning views. The group working here is outstanding and so friendly. They are adventurous locals that you can learn from and ask any questions you've got. 

Breakfast & Lunch

Lola's is a café with a delicious breakfast and vey laid- back vibe. It's right on the corner and you have the choice of outdoor or indoor seating. The prices are very cheap and the food is delicious. 

Euro Haus Bakery is also very quaint and modern. You get a bread basket immediately upon arrival with different breads and jams (it's free!) and will probably only pay maybe $8 bucks for your coffee and breakfast.

Hike Table Mountain

I hiked Kasteelspoort on Table Mountain with a great group of people that I found on TripAdvisor. It took us about 4 hours to complete until we got to the top where we had the option of hiking down or taking the cable car down. This hike had unbelievable views and never got too difficult. Try to go with a smaller group of 6 or less people as it gives you a little more control over taking a break when needed or going faster with the guide. 

Dinner Date / Family- Style

If you are looking for an authentic restaurant with African tradition, entertainment, and food,  Gold's Restaurant is probably the best place to go. This is a 3 level restaurant and you must have reservations to get a table. It is a flat rate for a 14 course menu that changes from time to time. For the duration of your meal, there will be live entertainment and dancing throughout the restaurant. If you have room in your budget for a more expensive meal, this has to make it on your list. 

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