Induction Stove Cooktop

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Key features

5 Pre- programmed settings (i.e. warm milk, soup, stir fry, etc)

8 temperature settings from 150 to 450 degrees

LED large screen display

Safety compliance: ETL/FCC

My Recommendation

This stovetop has been incredible for us. I really wanted to avoid as much propane as possible because I didn't want to have to worry about having enough or just constantly buying it. We cut a spot for this in our countertop and it looks so sleek and nice. I will be honest that the pot this stovetop comes with is useless. It is "free" technically with the stovetop but we threw it away almost immediately. We have a cast iron pot and a cast iron pan which is perfect with this. Please keep in mind, induction works off certain material so a glass pan will not work with this. Anything cast iron or stainless steel will be just fine though. Also, we originally thought the temp setting weren't working but it just took a little messing around with to figure out. (No longer than 10 minutes). Definitely recommend this to anyone especially if you are not wanting propane!


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